About Us

About Us

Welcome to 192RC, a fast-growing and leading supplier of replacement parts and accessories for cell phones, tablets and other devices.


On 192RC, we both retail and wholesale. Without the requirement of minimum order quantity, you can always start with one unit at a lower-than-market price, though even deeper discounts are offered to our wholesale customers.

What’s 192RC?

Once a trading company, 192RC has been a leading supplier of cell phone parts and accessories in China. Owning as well as working with factories, 192RC is able to supply parts and accessories of the best quality you can find on market at the most competitive prices.

Years into meeting the needs of its global buyers, 192RC‘s product lines have expanded to also cover accessories and spare parts for tablets and other devices, all well categorized with a full spectrum of brands and models, making 192RC one of the most preferred platform to discover and purchase the latest spare parts and accessories for devices.

Our Aim

192RC aims to be the world’s best supplier of device parts and accessories, guaranteeing customers the most comprehensive products, the best price for quality and the most reliable supply channel.

Our Customers

Our customers are from all over the world, including wholesalers, resellers, drop shippers and individual buyers, especially wholesalers, who find it advantageous to bulk buy from us and become our regular customers.

Our History

•2008: company founded with 6 people
•2009: 192RC launched, recruiting its first employees, pivoting to spare parts and accessories
•2010: employees growing to 50
•2011: employees growing to 110, winning third party awards for large sales volumes
•2012~2013: statistically one of the largest platforms in the area of device spare parts and accessories

Our Culture

Behind our business is a great team with the core values of teamwork, vision and creativity, exactly what 192RC stands for. And to evolve into a role model enterprise of responsibility that brings value to employees, customers and the society is the dream all people in 192RC share.

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